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Luxury Cruise Destinations


The Orient. It's every bit as exotic and enchanting as you imagine it to be. China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and beyond. each with its own unique culture, cities and landscapes. What better way to experience the countless sights of the Far East than from the sea, on a luxurious Crystal cruise?

Australia & New Zealand

The friendly people of Australia and New Zealand are legendary, as are the vast open spaces and dramatic landscapes of these two South Seas destinations. You can experience the curious wildlife, clean and modern cities and welcoming spirit of Down Under in ultimate comfort on a Crystal cruise.

Baltic Europe

From the British Isles to the fjords of Norway and the quaint capitals of Scandinavia, experience the great cities of the Baltic Sea. Exciting St. Petersburg, picturesque Bergen and other treasures await you on a Northern European cruise.

Canada & New England

Few images capture the imagination quite like the east coast of the United States and Canada erupting into the full splendor of fall foliage. What better way to enjoy this spectacle, along with stops in destinations like New York, Boston, Martha's Vineyard and Quebec City, than on a Crystal cruise?


No longer the haunt of pirates, the Caribbean nonetheless retains a seafaring romance that can be claimed by few other destinations. Set sail on a Crystal cruise to this fabled sea of sunny beaches and tropical islands, quaint colonial cities, friendly people and colorful cultures.

Grand Americas

Embark on our Grand Americas voyage and celebrate the 2009 Holiday season in grand style. Our round-trip Miami voyage features exotic ports and rugged coastlines. Explore the vibrant beaches of Antigua and Barbados, and discover the cosmopolitan cities of Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Rio de Janiero. The voyage continues to the icy glaciers of Antarctica and the scenic landscapes of Chile, and concludes in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Hawaii & the South Pacific

The islands of Hawaii number more than one hundred. Of those, only seven are inhabited, and just six welcome guests. Yet the few you visit turn out to be more than enough. You can spend hours hiking the mountains, strolling idyllic beaches and shopping along sleek boulevards.


The French Riviera, the romantic seaside towns of Italy, the great treasures of ancient Greece-these are just a few of the destinations you'll discover on a sunny Mediterranean cruise.

Mexican Riviera

Sail among frolicking dolphins and myriad seabirds along the sunny, colorful Mexican Riviera. You'll visit warm and welcoming cities like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, and experience the joyful music, food and culture of Mexico.

Middle East

The Middle East an archeologists and historians haven, is home to many of the oldest cities in the world and is the birthplace of many prominent religions. Discover some of the most impressive structures in the world today, from Petra to the Pyramids and marvel at the exceptional blend of modern and wealthy cities of the United Arab Emirates.

Panama Canal

It's one of the world's engineering marvels. It took ten years and more than 10,000 men to build. Yet when it was finished, a ship could travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific in about eight hours. The Panama Canal. See this wonder and a variety of other sunny destinations on a Crystal cruise.

South Pacific

Whether you're lured by Samba or Tango, whether the European sophistication of Buenos Aires is your taste, or you prefer the vibrant pulse of exotic Rio de Janeiro, a Crystal cruise to sultry South America is sure to seduce even the most experience traveler.

Trans-Ocean Crossings

Just the thought takes you back in time. Loading your luggage up the gangway onto a classic luxury steamer for a trans-ocean crossing. At one time, it was the only way to see the world. Now, Crystal Cruises invokes this romantic vision with equally luxurious trans-ocean cruises across the Atlantic or Pacific.

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